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General conditions of customer use online sales


Ford France, a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company group, a world-renowned automobile manufacturer, has entered into dealer contracts with independent operators “the Dealers” to distribute the Company’s Products under the conditions provided for in the contracts.

Ford has developed a marketplace to present Ford vehicles sold by Ford dealers.

The General Conditions of Use of this Marketplace (“ The Conditions ”) govern the use of the Ford Marketplace ( “ Ford Marketplace ”). The Ford Marketplace is operated by Ford France (FMC Automobiles SAS, Société par Actions Simplifiée, 1 rue du 1er mai, Immeuble Ax Seine, 92000 Nanterre).

Use of the Marketplace is reserved for customers. For its part, by using the Ford Marketplace, the Dealer has accepted its terms.

These Conditions may be modified at any time (for example, for security reasons, for compliance reasons, in the event of modification of the available Services or of new Services proposed).

We will notify you of any proposed changes with reasonable notice. If you do not wish to accept the changes, you will need to stop using the Ford Marketplace. If not, the changes will be accepted by you as soon as you log into the Ford Marketplace and continue to use it without objection after the changes take effect.

This Marketplace is published by Ford France to present vehicles sold by Ford Dealers. It is reserved for Dealers linked to Ford by a Dealer contract. The Dealer is a legal entity independent of Ford France.

The purpose of the Marketplace is to enable the customer to purchase a Ford vehicle from the range online, from a participating Ford Dealership, either by a cash purchase or through a lease with option to buy, and to benefit from associated services, financing, insurance.


Through the Ford Marketplace, you can configure a selection of new Ford vehicles and order from a participating Ford dealership. During the ordering process you will need to select the Ford dealership you wish to order from (your “ Dealership ”). You will need to sign an order online with your dealer. Please read this order form and its general conditions of sale carefully before placing your order.

The prices indicated on the Marketplace are the prices of the Dealer. Dealers are free to set their own prices as long as they do not exceed the maximum price of the current Ford rate.

This Marketplace presents offers for new Ford vehicles manufactured by Ford. However, once you have selected a Dealer, he is responsible for the content of the offer he makes to you and in particular the price he is offering you, including any offer to take back a vehicle.

Cash Purchase : You have the option of purchasing the vehicle you have chosen for cash. In this case, you will need to sign an order form with your Dealer. This order form is a contract that binds you to your Dealer. Please read it carefully before placing your order.

Purchase on credit : You have the option of applying for credit from any financing organization. Please note that a financing contract is subject to a special status and that a minimum security deposit may apply.

Lease with Option to Purchase (LOA): You have the option to Lease with Option to Purchase your vehicle through the Ford Marketplace from FCE Bank Plc. Please note that an LOA contract is a consumer credit and that a minimum contribution may be required.

Long-term rental: You can also obtain a quote for long-term rental of your vehicle from FordLease.

You have the possibility to sign the order form in Concession . In this case, the Dealer may ask you to pay a reservation fee online to block the vehicle. The reservation costs will be deducted from the amount of the deposit which may be requested from you by the Concessionaire when signing the Concession Order Form.

If you decide not to continue with the reservation and not to sign the order form in Concession, you can cancel your reservation at any time. The reservation fee will be refunded to you in full by the Dealer by crediting the amount back to you on the credit card used on the Ford Marketplace.

In the absence of confirmation of the reservation within 30 days of receiving a reminder email from your Dealer, the latter may cancel the reservation. The reservation costs will be fully refunded.


It is possible to order a wallbox on the Ford MarketPlace for electric vehicles and PHEV hybrid vehicles.

The Wallbox can be ordered as an accessory (without installation) from the Dealer. (See section 3 below on accessories).

If you wish to order a Wallbox with home installation, you will need to specify this when ordering and you will be contacted directly by ZEborne, the service provider recommended by Ford, to obtain a quote. The Wallbox will then be sold by this Service Provider and you will be billed by the latter with the cost of the installation.


You can request on the e-commerce platform the recovery of your used vehicle by the selling Dealer.

The evaluation of the vehicle to be taken back will be carried out based on the information you have provided on the take-back form and the estimated delivery date of your new vehicle.

In all cases, the trade-in value that will be offered to you online must be confirmed by the Dealer following the second assessment of your vehicle at the dealership.

The recovery of your used vehicle is subject to the delivery of a new vehicle. (Refer to the general conditions of sale on the order form of your Dealer).


The order form for your vehicle contains all the elements relating to it, conditions and prices to which you can usefully refer.

Vehicle registration fees, taxes (Malus) or government aid (Bonus) are not included in the price of the vehicle indicated on the Marketplace. Your Dealer will inform you of the amount of these various taxes which must be paid prior to delivery of the vehicle.

If you order accessories for your vehicle on the Ford Marketplace, we inform you that third-party brand accessories are not covered by the Ford commercial warranty but by the Manufacturer’s own warranty of these accessories, without prejudice to the legal warranty due by seller.

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