choose your Reelight bicycle lights

How to choose your Reelight bicycle lights?


When it comes to lighting, cyclists look for the following criteria: safety, reliability and durability. The Reelight brand, specializing in the manufacture of battery-free induction bicycle lights, meets their needs through a wide range of products. Here is a summary description and installation advice for the different Reelight bicycle lights .

How to choose your Reelight bicycle lights

Most Reelight bicycle lights work by electromagnetic induction . The principle is as follows: magnets attached to the spokes of the wheels will generate an electric current as soon as they pass in rotation in front of a sensor (or power supply unit). The lights come on from the first turn of the wheel.

Depending on the model, the rear light remains on when stationary thanks to a capacitor. The latter stores energy and fuels the fire even if you are stopped.

Here is an explanatory video:

The pair of CIO Reelight bicycle lights attaches to the fork for the front light and to the seatstay for the rear light. Useful for driving in the city in particular, they produce a flashing light allowing them to be clearly visible in the urban jungle up to 300 m . And this, day and night. Like most Reelight lights, they work with magnets attached to the spokes of the wheel. Note that they are equipped with a capacitor, ReePower ™ Flash , which causes the lights to remain on for another 2 minutes after the end of pedaling.CIO Reelight battery-free warning lights with battery

Position : White light on fork / Red light on shroud
Lighting type : Flashing
Fire power supply : Induction by magnets
Video presentation of CIO lights:

CIO Reelight video installation guide:

Also without battery or friction, the Reelight CPH Light works by magnets. They ensure high visibility of the cyclist thanks to flashing lighting, white at the front, red at the rear . This model attaches directly to the wheel hub . Also available with capacitor, allowing flashing for up to two minutes after stopping pedaling.

Reelight AMS Light

Similar to the CPH Light, the AMS Light Reelight bicycle lights are also mounted on the axle of the wheel but have, for their part, 2 LEDs . Also available in simple version or with ReePower accumulator .

Position : White light on front hub / Red light on rear

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