Choosing the right motorcycle helmet

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet


A motorcycle helmet is much more than protective equipment. It is the reflection of your philosophy of life, your tastes, your values ​​… It expresses a little of your personality! Choosing your helmet is therefore an important step in the life of the biker. This is why we have designed this guide to help you find the one that will best meet your needs and represent you most faithfully. Good reading ! (Updated edition)

Often considered a must when choosing a motorcycle helmet, the weight criterion is indeed one of the characteristics to watch out for. Factor of multiple parameters, its impact is for its part a function of the use that you will make of your helmet.


In addition to the category to which a helmet belongs (a jet will logically be lighter than a modular helmet), three factors mainly affect the weight of a helmet.

Materials: the materials used in the manufacture of the shell (the outer shell) can significantly vary the weight of a motorcycle helmet. The fiber (carbon, glass, etc.) integrated into the shell considerably lightens the mass of this essential element of the helmet. More economical, injected plastic and its derivatives have a higher weight on the scale.

A label showing the size and weight of the helmet

The accessories: the presence of an internal smoked sunscreen, a sophisticated attachment system, imposing air intakes … So many reasons to see the weight of the helmet increase.

The size of the helmet: We don’t think much about it, but the size of the motorcycle helmet is also a “weight” criterion. However, the evolution of the weight curve is not necessarily regular with the increase in the size of the helmet: thus, a full-face helmet available in a single shell size has a good chance of being less heavy in XL than ‘in XS, since it simply incorporates less foam! As such, helmets offering several shell sizes often claim a more homogeneous weight.


Negligible for a large group of bikers, the weight will really become a factor to take into account in the event that you have to ride regularly, quickly or for a long time.

Those who travel by motorbike frequently should therefore pay particular attention, such as sports bikers: they indeed run the risk of excess fatigue of the muscles of the neck, which can result in headaches, or even long-term cervical lesions. term

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