Selling a company vehicle: how to proceed

Selling a company vehicle: how to proceed?


Who should I transfer a company vehicle to?

If the company wishes to resell the vehicle to one of its employees, the sale may be considered as a disguised benefit in kind, which may arouse the suspicion of Urssaf and be the subject of a tax adjustment, in particularly if the vehicle is sold at a lower price than the Argus. Ditto if it is the manager who wishes to buy back the vehicle (at an advantageous price): the practice is not authorized.

If the vehicle has been financed by LOA, the loss in value must be taken into account to assess its price (considered as a third hand after having passed successively into the hands of the lessor then of the company which buys the vehicle).

If a company wants to sell its company vehicle to a used car dealer, several criteria:

it must resell the vehicle within 5 years of the purchase (the dealer can recover part of the VAT);
the initial VAT must be non-deducted;
the sale price excluding VAT must be equivalent to the sale price at that practiced with another non-specialist purchaser.
To speed up the sales process, auctioning off one or more company vehicles is a good solution. In this specific case, the employees can buy the car legally, without the company being able to be worried.

The safest way to sell a vehicle (even in bad condition) is to give it to an automobile company where qualified professionals will facilitate your administrative procedures to speed up the process.

Selling a vehicle: what documents to provide?

the registration certificate (formerly gray card) crossed out with the words “sold on” and the buyer’s signature;
the transfer certificate in duplicate (one for the buyer and one for the seller). This document is issued by the prefecture (or on the Internet), it lists all the information concerning the vehicle (parts and accessories);
the administrative status certificate (non-pledge), issued by the prefecture or on the Internet;
technical inspection of the vehicle (dated less than 6 months, for cars over 4 years old).
To declare the sale, simply send the transfer certificate to the prefecture or simply by going on the Internet via the platform for the declaration.

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