Not all types of images prove to be beneficial for marketing. When we talk about car dealerships, the imagery utilized to capture inventory—both new and used models—can either gather interest from the prospective buyers or impede interest in the vehicle.

Photography can undoubtedly elevate a new model’s design and assist the buyers in understanding how unique and distinctive the vehicle is.

The internet has transformed a lot of advertising and marketing enterprises, and many car buyers start their research process to buy a new car online. It is not always necessary that a buyer will first visit the dealership website during their research. However, ultimately they will land on the dealership sites.

When these buyers visit the online hub of a dealership, what will be the first thing they see? Will they see a modern and well-updated website? As they say, the first impression is always the most important one, no matter if it is in-person or online. If a dealership’s website is old and outdated, this may negatively affect the buyer’s online research experience.

The website of a dealership may have a vehicle image library. Its main purpose is to act as an online showroom. For a dealership, it is not really a library. Rather, it is a collection of photos of all the models in a dealership’s inventory.

The dealership might avail the services of professional car photographers to take a picture or create a fantastic photo slideshow of used car models.

The image quality plays an important role. Car buyers do not prefer to view images that are of low resolution and are blurry. They would prefer to see pictures that clearly show how exactly the vehicle looks. Moreover, buyers who are trying to look for an ideal vehicle for their needs may so benefit from seeing every detail of that vehicle, such as the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Should a dealership add a lot of photos of a vehicle? Well, the answer is no! Auto Image Services founder Oscar Pava says, “a plentiful photo slideshow certainly assists the buyers in understanding the car properly, it is also essential that photos should not be redundant.”

What is the thing that every dealership must avoid posting? Buyers often find redundant photos to be frustrating. This means that a dealership posts many photos of the same feature of a particular vehicle. Capture a clear, high-quality image of a specific part showing complete details. There is no need to take four photos of one feature.

The images of vehicles not only improve the user’s online experience but also enhance the social media experience. Imagery can be utilized through various social media platforms in order to grab the attention of prospective buyers and make them excited about a new vehicle model that is about to become available at the dealership. Social media posts can also increase excitement, particularly for pre-owned or used models. Photos can also be beneficial to attract more social media followers to the original website of the dealership.

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